How to Host a Safe Party this Festive Season in South Africa

Party safely in South Africa this festive season!

Party Safely in South Africa

‘Tis the season to be jolly! That may mean hosting many awesome parties at your house. However, criminals tend to look out for busy homes as they know that people are too distracted to pay attention to their surroundings.

Here are a few tips to ensure that you deter any chancers and enjoy a successful party from start to finish:

  • Keep cars safe

Ask as many guests to carpool as possible. Having cars parked outside on the lawn or verge unattended is an invitation to opportunists. If they can’t carpool, consider hiring a car guard for the duration of your event. Guests should also not leave their valuables on display.

  • Keep doors secure

It may seem easier to leave your gates and doors open for your guests as they come in and out. However, some uninvited guests may also decide to pop by. Keep your driveway gate closed at all times and ensure that your security gate is closed. Xpanda has a selection of security gates perfect for your doors and sliding doors and even transparent burglar bars which will make sure you and your guests are fully protected while having fun.

  • Keep kids safe

If you have small children attending your party, make sure the pool area is protected with a gate that has a latch lock, so as to prevent them from going near the water without adult supervision.


Last, but not least, have fun!


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