The Public Has Been Cautioned Against Impersonators in South Africa

The Public Has Been Cautioned Against Impersonators in South Africa.

The public should always be on the lookout for impersonators who claim to be employed by security companies or other service providers and never allow anyone onto their property without first checking their identity.

“Impersonators are a problem for many industries, especially in the service sector. There will always be criminals who pretend they are checking your alarm system, installing your new Wi-Fi network or fixing a municipal water leak in your garden. They are trying their luck by taking advantage of the public’s good nature,” says Fidelity ADT Security’s district manager for KwaZulu-Natal, Ivan Govender.

He says it is imperative for homeowners to take certain precautions, to not let their guard down and be taken in by such scams and con artists. Domestic staff should also be fully briefed and warned not to allow strangers onto your property.

“If you are expecting contractors or deliveries please ensure you brief your staff ahead of time.”

Govender says domestic workers play an integral part in any home security system and it is critical they are empowered and equipped to look after their own safety, as well as the safety of anyone else on the property such as children they may be looking after.

“Everyone wants and deserves to be safe, no matter who they are and where they work. In the same way that you should share safety tips with your friends and loved ones, you should also share it with anyone that works on your property.

“If you feel something is out of place, report it to the SAPS or your security provider immediately. No one should be allowed to enter unless they can prove their identity and their bona fides for visiting the property,” says Govender.

“Our Fidelity ADT armed response officers carry a branded ID card with their name, PSIRA number and a photograph. They also carry a PSIRA card which has their photograph. Residents can ask to see these cards, as this will prove they are authentic and not criminals posing as security officers.

“Residents who have queries can call ADT on 086 12 12 100.”


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