Inside The Mind of a Burglar

Some homes appear an easier target for burglars than others. These are the homes that burglars attempt to break into. Xpanda has provided the following content to help you understand the mindset of burglars and how they may go about selecting a targeted home.

The first preference most burglars have is that the house be unoccupied, with the aim of avoiding confrontation. Next, they look around the perimeter of the house to see if there are any signs or stickers that indicate that there is home security installed.

Upon installation of a security system, one should make sure the company’s stickers and signs are placed strategically around their house. These logos are a particularly effective way of preventing burglaries.

It is also important to lock all the doors of the house such as the backdoor, side door, basement entrance, etc. This may seem like an obvious home security tip, but many times people only remember to lock the door through which they left. Also, in case you do not have burglar bars installed on all doors, it’s a good idea to get them as soon as possible. Burglar bars are absolutely necessary, given that burglars can pick most common locks with ease.

Even though houses with installed alarm systems are up to four times less likely to experience a break-in, the occasional dumb burglar will still give it a shot. Alarm systems offer about a 60 percent rate of stopping the burglar, according to the NBFAA. While this number may not seem extremely high, it is 60 percent higher than those homes without alarm systems installed.
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