Keep Your Business Premises Safe While on Holiday

Keep Your Business Premises Safe While on Holiday

Commercial and Business Security While on Holiday

With the holidays around the corner, many businesses are closing shop. This may attract criminals who want to break into these vacant properties that are often left unattended. Therefore, it’s important to put all the necessary precautions in place and reduce the risk of your business being vulnerable to break-ins.

Firstly, you need to be prepared. If you have a newspaper subscription delivered to your offices, suspend it for the duration of your shut down. Also, ensure you let your alarm company know that you will be closed for the holidays and provide contact details in case of an emergency.

Make sure that all your exterior lights are switched on. This may discourage intruders from entering the property and also make it easy for passers-by to see that there is suspicious activity prompting them to alert the officials.

Keep your windows and doors fully secure with burglar bars and security gates which cannot be bent out of shape to gain entry. If you have glass sliding doors, invest in sliding security doors or roller shutter doors  so your property is fully protected. Before you head off, thoroughly check that there is nothing in and around the building which can attract thieves.


Finally, you can enjoy the holiday season with the peace of mind that your property will be safe.


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