How to keep your pets calm during the fireworks season

The fireworks season is a daunting time for pet-owners who want to comfort their distraught pets during events like Guy Fawkes.

We have gathered together some really useful tips to help you and your best furry pet get through the season of fireworks with as little upset as possible.

Firstly, there is no place like home. A comforting space in the home as well as in your presence will help a nervous or frightened pet get through the traumatic experience.

If you’re not going to be home during this time, the next best solution would be to contact a pet sitter who is aware that there will be fireworks going off, and that your pet is particularly anxious during this time. This will help ensure that your pet has not harmed himself/herself and has not gone running off into the streets.

A healthy distraction will also work wonders for soothing your pet. Chew toys and even the edible ones are a good choice. Catnip is an especially effective treat for cats.

Ensure that your pets have tags on them. Should they happen to escape the premises, being able to ID pets makes the experience smoother for those on the lookout for animals who have tried to run away from the noise. Your address and your telephone number should be attached to your pet’s collar. Alternatively, a microchip.

In extremes cases, there is medication prescribed to pets to help calm them down. You might want to consider this method if you have an overly anxious pet who is known to run from the home or cause self harm during fireworks.

Remember to keep an eye out on your neighbour this fireworks season. If you see any distraught animals running around in your area, contact your local security company to come and assist getting these animals back home to their rightful owners.
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