Keeping Burglars Out Of Your Home

One of the most effective means of keeping burglars out of your home is to install security bars for windows in your home. Burglar bars are ideal for keeping these unwanted intruders out, and may also help lower your home insurance premiums a little as your home becomes less at risk for a burglary. It’s important that you make use of good quality bars and that they are installed correctly in order for them to be effective. 

Window bars are usually made of steel or aluminum, though heavier bars made of wrought iron are also available. Clear vision burglar bars are transparent bars made of extremely strong materials not only keeping burglars out but at the same time do not spoil a beautiful view. 

Xpanda DIY Burglar Guards
Basement windows are the most common place for security bars to be installed as they are usually out of view or hidden by bushes or shrubs, therefore making an easy point of entry for burglars. These are obviously not the only windows in your home that need securing. Every window in your home is at risk and installing security bars in your home is one of the best defence barriers against intruders as well as giving you peace of mind.

Xpanda has been manufacturing burglar bars since 1974 and are recommended by the police and the insurance industry as key to keeping criminals behind bars. Below is our product range, simply click on each one for more detailed information and technical specifications.

For more information about burglar bars you can follow this link. 
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