Keeping You Home Secure During Load Shedding

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We are still at an early stage of the year and the threat of load shedding seems to be something we wont be leaving behind. You may have been planning how to cook your dinner at night or you may have purchased a few candles to light up your home. But have you considered your safety when all the lights go out? It’s not certain when loading shedding will finally come to a complete end, but its unlikely to be anytime soon. Therefore it’s important to ensure that you are safe when the lights go out. 

During these blackouts, it is vital that you plan ahead to ensure your safety. If your phone battery dies, you will have no communication to your security company outside your home. Your home alarm system should have a back-up battery, however if this to does experiences difficulties during blackouts, you could be without an alarm system.

Physical barriers can be the best option during these times and provide you with peace of mind, even in the darkness. Securing doors and windows in your home will act as a barrier preventing burglars entering your home.

The Xpanda Group offers the widest and comprehensive range of approved anti-burglar protection and deterrent security products. These include: 

works to keep criminals behind bars and out of your home. Leave the burglars in the dark this year and ensure your home is secure.
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