Maintaining Your Trellis Door

Xpanda presents the DIY Trellis Doors and DIY. Custom made and DIY options are available for home, commercial and industrial applications.

Trellis Doors allow the gate to be freely swung to the side, where it can rest against the wall. This allows the maximum amount of open space, which is useful when moving bulk objects such as furniture in or out of a home/ business. This smart design also includes a slam lock, ensuring a fast and highly effective level of protection. 

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Maintenance and Care for your Trellis Door

In spite of Xpanda’s attention to quality, our product, like all products with a substantial Steel/Aluminium and Stainless content, remains vulnerable when exposed to certain environmental conditions, regardless of the corrosion treatment it received during production. As we have little control over what happens to our product after it has been installed at your premises, we have little choice but to leave the responsibility of maintaining the product to you, and especially so with an outside installation.

Although our products have limited guarantees, this does not imply poor product quality. It rather serves as evidence of our concern for you to have total peace of mind; our desire for you to have long and trouble-free use of our products. With proper maintenance, your Xpanda products will last for many years, though this will require a diligent maintenance program. We strongly suggest that you view the maintenance of your Xpanda products in the same way as you view the maintenance of other products, like your motorcar!

Without the regular treatment of your dash with silicone-based cleaner or the regular polishing of the exterior to limit build-up of corrosive, fatty deposits (especially prevalent in high humidity areas), the general appearance and condition of your motorcar will soon deteriorate significantly.

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