Don’t Let Your Pets get Caught up in the Festivities

Pet safety during Christmas

Keeping your furry family members safe during the Christmas and New Years holidays is no easy task.
It only takes a few simple precautions to keep your decorations. plants, presents and Christmas trees safe from your pets. These easy tips will allow your pets to join in in the holiday fun while avoiding any trips to the animal emergency room.

The Christmas Tree

-Strategically place the Christmas tree in the corner of the room or out of site from your pets.
-Place bottles with rice/beads or tin foil under the tree as a temporary alarm to deter your pets.
-Make sure that you hang your tinsel out of your pets reach. Ingestion can potentially block their intestines and can generally only be remedied through surgical means.
-Do not put Christmas lights on the tree’s lower branches as your pets can become both tangled or inadvertently get shocked by biting through the wire.

Christmas Decorations

-Avoid decorating your home with holly, mistletoe and poinsettia plants as they are poisonous to cats and dogs.
-Edible tree decorations such as popcorn strings are exceptionally enticing to your furry friends. Pets are known to tug at them and bring down Christmas trees and displays so avoid edible decor at all costs.
-If there are wagging tails and nimble cats around, it’s important to take fire precautions. Burning candles should be placed on high shelves and fire places should be protected with screens.

Lights & Gifts

-Accidental electric shocks can be prevented by taping exposed wires, indoor or outdoor, to the wall or sides of the house.
-When gift wrapping, be sure to keep your pet away, wrapping paper, string, plastic or cloth are dangerous for your pets to ingest.

Christmas Parties

The festive season brings about many Christmas parties and end of year celebrations. It’s important to consider your pets amongst all the excitement and fun.

-If your furry friend is easily excited or your guests are anxious around animals, it is better to create a safe haven in another room.
-You can also use a baby gate to prevent your pets from entering your entertainment area while still being able to keep an eye on them.
-Make sure to tell your guests not to feed your pet extra holiday treats. Items such as alcohol or sweets can be hazardous to their health.
-Also make sure that your pets have identification tags with your phone number or contact details in case they escape in all the excitement.

Pets are just family members with a bit more fur, let them have fun and take part in the festivities but also make sure you have taken all the precautions to ensure their safety and comfort. 

Pet safety during Christmas



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