Placing Panic Buttons Around Your Home


Adding a panic button to your security system can protect you and your family when you’re inside your home. The button activates and functions whether or not your system is armed.

A panic button helps ensure that you and your family are always protected inside your home. When pushed, the panic alarm will sound the siren in your home security system and alert the authorities of an emergency situation. This is much quicker than calling the police and it also lets your neighbors know that something is wrong.

A panic button can be placed nearly anywhere inside your home. A common place is in bedrooms, next to the bed or under a desk. This way you can quickly sound the alarm if you hear anything suspicious.

Panic buttons are great components to pair with your home security systems. By placing them around your home, you can protect yourself, your family and your employees during the day and at night.

Xpanda works to keep criminals behind bars and out of your home. 

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