Clear Vision Guards

Clear Vision guards are a transparent burglar guard and are constructed from polycarbonate sheets with a special UV protection. They are impact resistant, offering the similar protection to standard steel burglar bars. Clear Vision guards suitable for both wood and aluminium windows. 

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  • A transparent burglar guard – unobstructed view for windows offering optical clarity
  • Constructed from polycarbonate sheets with a special UV protection layer on both sides
  • Impact resistant – virtually unbreakable – offering strength and flexibility
  • Similar protection as standard steel burglar guards
  • Rust and maintenance free – ideal for coast conditions
  • Suitable for wood and aluminium windows
  • White or black finishing screw cover caps
  • Installed by certified fitters If installed correctly, will keep pests out such as monkeys, including unwanted intruders

Rust Protection

Due to the bars being polycarb, there is no need for maintenance in regard to rust. The clear bars are equipped to resist all conditions and  do not wear out or become void. 


Trained Xpanda distributors offer excellent customer service, which includes advice on security issues, excellent product knowledge to make sure the right product is recommended, installation guidance and accurate quotations.

After Sales

An After Sales and back up service is also provided by the Xpanda franchise network, which consists of distributors operating across South Africa alone.

Xpanda is committed to providing customers with peace of mind installations and a level of security that is better than that provided by any other Clear Vision Guards manufacturer.

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