Xpanda has a full range of DIY items for the home maker and enthusiast. Each product is crafted with the same care and skill as our custom security solutions. Below is our product range, simply click on each one for more detailed information and technical specifications.

DIY Accessories

Xpanda-Place-Holder_288x193pxDIY Accessories

DIY Burglar Bars

DIY Burglar Bars | Xpanda | Real SecurityDIY Burglar Bars

DIY Trellis Doors

Saftidor | Xpanda | Real SecurityDIY Trellis Doors

Leisure Range

DIY Leisure Range | Xpanda | Real SecurityLeisure Range


DIY Fencing | Xpanda | Real SecurityFencing


 Safes | Xpanda | Real SecuritySafes

Rust Protection

Xpanda Security continues to offer a full hot-dip galvanized option, the preferred method of rust prevention when dealing with products designed for an outdoor application.

Xpanda Security has all our hot-dip galvanized products dipped according to SABS 1461 specifications and hence we can guarantee the durability of our products.


Trained Xpanda distributors offer excellent customer service, which includes advice on security issues, excellent product knowledge to make sure the right product is recommended, installation guidance and accurate quotations.

After Sales

An After Sales and back up service is also provided by the Xpanda franchise network, which consists of distributors operating across South Africa alone.

Xpanda is committed to providing customers with peace of mind installations and a level of security that is better than that provided by any other manufacturer.

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