Medium Security: An economical retractable gate that is suitable for basic security and indoor application.

Alu-Glide is our fully framed sliding security door or “trellis door” with a single slamlock. Built with a 100% aluminium construction, it is ideal for coastal regions as it is rust resistant. This door is mass-produced and designed to be altered on-site. All doors are manufactured with the lock on the right hand side with the lattice facing inward.


  • Fully framed Trellis door with Slamlock
  • 100% Aluminium construction
  • Rust resistant – ideal for coastal regions
  • Glass filled nylon rollers ensure strength and easy operation
  • Low profile anti-trip bottom track
  • Available in 5 sizes 1000W x 1950-2150H; 1400W x 1950-2150H; 1800W x 1950-2150H; 2200W x 1950-2150H; 2500W x 1950-2150H
  • Available in 2 colours – White and Dark Bronze
  • Comes with all fasteners

Rust Protection

Aluminium is a highly corrosive resistant material and is recommended for application in high rust areas. With the correct maintenance, this product is suitable for seaside installations.


Trained Xpanda distributors offer excellent customer service, which includes advice on security issues, excellent product knowledge to make sure the right product is recommended, installation guidance and accurate quotations. Click here to watch a brief instruction video.

After Sales

An After Sales and back up service is also provided by the Xpanda distributor network, which consists of distributors operating across South Africa alone.

Xpanda is committed to providing customers with peace of mind installations and a level of security that is better than that provided by any other manufacturer.

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