Protect Your Business in South Africa

Protests are fairly commonplace in South Africa, with hardly a week passing without a new or ongoing protest making the news.

So, while disruption as a result of protests might not seem like a pressing concern for your businesses, you should consider some basic steps that you can take to protect your business in the event of a demonstration.

Here are a few tips to help minimise the impact of protests on your business.

  • Get the right information
    You should make every effort to get full and accurate information. In most cases, protests are organised in coordination with the police, so you should speak to them first.

    Protests are generally very well publicised on the news, so you should be able to get a good idea of what is going on.

  • Brief your staff
    It is very important that you brief your staff about the potential events, and provide them with some guidance about what they can expect and how they should react.

    By training your staff effectively you can help to minimise problems.

  • Secure your premises
    Strengthen doors, fit gates and install barriers to windows for extra protection. This can deter unruly protesters.

    If access points are vulnerable, consider installing an Xpanda Alu-glide retractable gate (A fully framed security door with a slam lock, perfect for comprehensive protection).

  • Reschedule meetings and deliveries
    Meetings, visits, and deliveries may all be disrupted by protest action. Consider rescheduling these in advance.

  • Consider closure

In some circumstances, it may be wise to consider closing your business for the duration of the protests.

  • Consider physical protection
    If your premises are street-facing, or if you think you are likely to be targeted, you might consider installing physical protection.

    Products like Panoramic Shutter Doors or Roller Shutter Doors are great for quickly and effectively securing your business.


Finally, keep in mind: It is always best to be prepared. By taking these steps to protect your employees and your business from the impact of costly protest action, you will find yourself in a better position to handle protests if they occur.

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