Robbery Prevention Tips for Commercial Businesses

There are a few dangerous realities of owning a business. The greatest is perhaps the threat of armed robbery, because it isn’t a crime against property, it’s one against people. In South Africa alone, businesses have a 1 in 4 chance of armed robbery, with 55 attacks daily. That’s why robbery prevention is so important.  (Source:

Commercial Business Security in South Africa

Knowing a few preventative measures could save employee and customer lives.

Tip 1

Greet customers as they enter your store; it doesn’t just improve customer service, it sends a message to any person entering your business that they’ve been recognised.

Tip 2

Develop a low-cash policy. Robbers are in it for the cash and while surveying your business, they’ll be looking to see if you have large bills in the register.That’s why a low-cash policy is so important.

Tip 3

Maintain visibility throughout the store or business. Make sure to provide as much visibility as possible, allowing people outside to see inside the store. This effort alone may deter potential robbers.

Tip 4

Take precautions during opening and closing. Always have two employees present when opening up business for the day. Start with a visual check of the entire store before starting your daily opening routine to make sure nothing is out of the ordinary.

Tip 5

Train your employees.Training your personnel and periodically refreshing them on robbery deterrence procedures can curb robbery and, perhaps more importantly, it can teach them to react calmly and quickly in the event a robbery does occur.

These robbery prevention tips, in addition to partnering with a local, expert alarm company, are powerful strategies for protecting your business.

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