Roller Shutters – Part 5

Roller shutters refer to doors constructed from various slat material rolled up in a roll above the door opening. For ease of operation the doors are balanced by means of torsion springs

In this article we will discuss Panoramic doors.

Panoramic Doors

All doors are manufactured to overlap the jambs by 25 mm on each side.

Glazed aluminium sectional doors manufactured from aluminium extrusions. The finish can be natural anodised or epoxy coated in a variety of colours. The glass supplied is 4 mm clear (can also be tinted grey or bronze) toughened glass, which is supplied with a neoprene channel gasket, and is held in position with a clip in aluminium bead

The bottom section of the door is normally supplied with 1.2 mm thick aluminium sheet panels.

Maximum opening width for this type of door is 5000 mm and maximum height is 5500 mm. The width and height is also restricted by the total mass of the door which should not exceed 454 kg. An end stile lock, locking from inside only, is normally supplied. Inside/outside locking is also available at an extra cost. The number of sections and panels per section will vary according to the height and width. Glass panes are restricted to 1250 wide and 530 high.

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Heavy Duty Panoramic Doors

Generally as described above, but the intermediate horizontal rails are double the height of the normal Panoramic door and the intermediate vertical stiles are 67 mm wide instead of 14mm wide. Due to its more robust constructions the doors can currently be manufactured to suit openings up to 6950 mm wide x 5500 mm high. The width and height is also restricted to a maximum mass of 454 kg.

It is often necessary to add extra bracing to the door sections and bottom panel. This bracing will depend on the size of the door and severe weather conditions. Because of the cross bracing used on the bottom section It is not advisable to order Panoramic doors with glass fitted in the bottom section, due to the aesthetic appearance and or safety aspects. Therefore the bottom section should be constructed from solid aluminium.

Panoramic and HD Panoramic doors can also be ordered with solid bottom panels throughout the door or louvers punched into the solid panels if required.

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