Rust Protection

1. Electro Galvanised:

This is when the manufactured product is dipped in a combination of a chemical solution and electricity where the external surfaces become electro plated which prevents rust. This option is suitable for inland and indoor installations not closer than 5kms (“as the crow flies”) from the sea.

2. Pre-Galvanised:

This is when the material is supplied in a pre-galvanised finish which is done during the manufacturing process of the steel items.

3. Hot Dip Galvanised:

Once all of the cutting, drilling and welding has been done, the manufactured item is submerged in a tank of molten zinc allowing a coating both internally and externally, ensuring that the product is 100% galvanised ensuring the ultimate rust protection for coastal areas. This is done to the SABS 1461 specifications in conjunction with SANS 121. A certificate is available upon request when placing an order for a Hot Dip Galvanised product, this certificate will be issued to the customer after the installation has been completed.

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