Safety & Security Tips

Front Door

Ensure that these doors are strong and are fitted with a good quality deadlock. For extra security consider fitting a security gate. Install a door viewer and/or door chain. Always identify callers before you open the door.

Back Door

Fit a security gate- and use it! Never hide spare keys under doormats or flowerpots. Don’t leave keys visible through open doors, security doors or windows.


Burglar proofing should cover all windows, including the centre pane! Always use one-way screws to fasten your burglar guards. For Spanish guards always include an escape hatch in the bedroom in case of a fire. 

Patio Doors

Patio doors are very vulnerable. Fit expandable security doors such as Multiguard, to protect them. 

Burglar Alarms

Always use a professional company to fit a burglar alarm. Make sure that they are members of SASA. Place security signs at the entrance or outside your property.


Always lock your garage or garden shed You don’t want burglars to be able to break to use your tools or ladders to break into your home. Chain and padlock ladders to a fixed point if they cannot be locked away inside.

Side Passages

Fit a strong fence and high gates to secure any entrance to the back of your house. Remember, burglars most often gain access to your property through vulnerable and secluded points in your home.

Gates & Fences

Check for weak spots on the outside of your house, a low fence or an unlocked gate. If your driveway gates are not automated, keep them locked at all times.

Security Lighting

Leave an outside light on after dark or install security lighting with motion decorators or timing devices. This will discourage potential burglars. 

Watch Dog

A good watchdog is a good deterrent for burglars. Preferably keep the dog outside to give you an early warning and place a ‘Beware of the Dog’ sign at the front of your premises.

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