How to secure your business from burglars (Part 1)

Sliding security doors are a deterrent for potential burglars wanting to gain entry to your business. Crime losses for businesses comes many forms. Burglary, robbery and theft are common forms, to name a few. To protect yourself from vulnerability to crime, here are some useful measures you can take.

How to make your business uninviting to a burglar

Keep your business well lit inside and out. Burglar like to work in the dark. Your valuables should be illuminated, too. If they’re displayed close to the window, make sure that you have a sliding security doors fitted to prevent a quick smash and grab. Entrances as well as areas around the building where one could hide, need to be well lit. Entrance gates and fences are a deterrent.

Make entry a challenge for a burglar

Ensure that you have a deadbolt lock on exterior doors that has a bolt extending at least 2.5cm into the jam. Remember to find out about the restrictions on your exit doors as some jurisdictions don’t allow locks on these doors. Have sliding security doors installed doubling up on your entry security will buy you more time in the event that an intruder is trying to gain access to your business. Windows should be secured with burglar bars and a burglar tint on the windows increases your security. Any other points of entry should be protected and seeking the guidance of a professional will help in making your decision.

You want to make sure that a burglar will be caught, or at the very least deterred. Link your business to an effective alarm system with a well known security company. Run tests and observe the response time to put your mind at ease, knowing that you’re linked to a responsive security company. Beams on the outside and sensors within the business will sound the alarm and give security time to reach your premises before entry into the building can be gained by a burglar. Check your alarm system on a monthly basis to ensure it hasn’t gone faulty and it is in working order.

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