How to secure your business from robbers (Part 2)


Robberies still happen, even with the most advanced security put in place. Businesses that have an ineffective security procedure and store cash within the business, are considered easy targets by robbers. It’s essential that the basics of your business security is covered and that you invest in quality protection.  

Reduce the amount of cash held on the premises by making regular deposits.  Staggering the times of these deposits will also aid in making it difficult for any observing robber to get to know your routine.  

Having a panic button installed in specific locations within the office is another consideration to add to your business, as staff / personnel will be able to make use of this as a means to alert the authorities.  

CCTV in today’s day and age should come standard fitted in any business, as this is one of the surest ways of identifying criminals and assisting the authorities to track them down, as well as bring down the number of robberies. 

Once all systems are in place, have your actionable crisis management plan set out and regularly sit around the table with your employees to go over the procedure in the event of a robbery. 

Employee Dishonesty

Doing background checks on employees sounds like a lengthy task. However, it could save you thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, making sure that every member of staff has been thoroughly checked. Put controls in place and make the process a standard one for any potential employee applying to work for you at your company. 

Ensure that you have interviewed each job applicant and contacted their references. Take extra care with employees who will have financial responsibilities in the business.  

Rotate your staff and make sure that there is no single person responsible for each phase of transactions involving cash and merchandise. Designate responsibilities to different members of staff so that each task is verified by the next person handling a phase of the transaction.  Also, ensure that your technology being used by employees is password protected. Conduct regular inventory audits and keep backups of accounting records off the premises. 

Limit the number of staff with access to building keys. Make sure that there is a record kept of every staff member who owns a key / or set of keys leading into the building. When having your business keys cut, make sure that they’re the type of keys that cannot be copied without having the master key. Another options is to change your locks every so often – as some do when an employee has left or been dismissed. 

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