The best way to give you and your family great security is to go through your home with the eye and mind of a thief


The best way to give you and your family great security is to go through your home with the eye and mind of a thief. Give it a go and discover the weak points of your home you might have missed before. 

Below, we give you some handy pointers to consider and to get you started. 

Consider what you say and where you say it

Burglars tend to treat their title as a profession and will do their homework, thoroughly in most cases. They will scout an area for weeks, even months, if necessary – before they strike. Opportunists may have their eye on a property for as little as 30 minutes before they strike. Be mindful of the information you share, especially when you have people entering your property to do work for you. 

People moonlighting as burglar’s, isn’t unheard of. Often times, these people live in the neighbourhood, or perform small tasks for residents. There’s a small fee for information, so if you don’t want to be caught off guard, be sensitive about what you say around the people in your home. 

Social media is also a great tool for burglar’s to track your movements. It’s their version of an online store, basically. While you’re out, ‘checking-in’ to a festive location and having a great time, they might be checking-in to your home for a little shopping spree.  Burglar’s don’t require a lot of time to rummage through your home for goods. It has been documented that it can take between 8 – 12 minutes. You’re likely to be out for at least 1-2 hours. 

Change your routine

The less predictable your schedule is, the better. Shake things up a bit. A Burglar’s job is made a lot easier when you have a predictable schedule. The opportunity to strike, is when you’ve just arrived home after a long day, while you’re distracted by your normal routine, cooking, tending to the children, preparing for the next day or simply unwinding. The recorded time for most home invasions is between 7pm and 11pm. 

Get creative

Put your precious belongings in less obvious containers and places – the same way you would get creative hiding the biscuits from your significant other or children. Your roof / attic, is also an option for storing valuables. Burglar’s do not want to make themselves vulnerable or risk being trapped when the police arrive. 

Home for Sale

Ask your Estate Agent to request identification, such as the green barcoded ID book – from each person who enters your home. After your showday, ensure that all your windows are closed properly, as someone may have unlatched a window to be able to gain entry later.

When advertising your home on the internet, consider the angle and information being given in the pictures. Burglar’s can assess these pictures and find the weak points of your home. 

Panic buttons

Don’t be shy about panic buttons! Install them under tables and chairs where you will be able to activate it, whenever necessary, no matter where you are. Instinctively, you may run and lock yourself in the bathroom. Consider installing a panic button in there, too. 

Layer Your Home Security

Start with the security around your home, and work inwards. Perimeter security is a huge deterrent for burglar’s. From your walls and entrance gate, to motion sensors in the garden, to security on windows and doors. Layer your home security and keep your family safe. 

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