Secure your home during home renovations

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Secure your home during home renovations by applying more than just the basics of security, which you’ve probably already done by having your Xpanda Security gates installed.

Alert those who need to know:

If you’re leaving your home vacant during extensive / foundational renovations, ensure that you contact your security company as well as local police services to let them know that your home is being renovated and that the home will be left unoccupied during this time. Not only will this increase your home security – officials will also be able to prevent squatters taking over residence of your property during this time.

Protect the contents of your home:

Renovations mean that doors, windows and walls are required to be left open throughout the day. Plastic works well as a temporary measure to maintain the temperature levels of the home by covering these areas – However, this provides easy access to criminals wanting to take advantage and may see this as an opportunity. Window and Door guards provide far better coverage. Invest in Xpanda’s door and window guards.

Tool care:

Building tools are often heavy duty tools and expensive, too. After a hard day’s work doing home renovations, leaving these out is rather tempting. Builders know this and if the opportunity presents itself, you’re likely to be missing a few valuables by morning. Move these items along to the garage or toolshed and ensure locks are secured / security alarms are in place.

Basic security necessities:

Protect your sanctuary by being mindful of the basic security necessities required at the end of the day. Lock everything that can be locked and make double sure that no entry can be gained to your property or home after hours when no one is due to visit, work in or view the home. This is your responsibility as a homeowner. Take pride in the security of your home as much as you do in perfecting its design.

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