Secure Your Home This Winter

Winter is here!

Don’t let winter blues and burglars get you down…

Home burglaries are proved to spike upwards during the winter months. Under cover of added darkness, burglars use the opportunity to break in before homeowners return from work or when residents are on vacation to warmer climates.

Don’t panic, we have a few suggestions to help you not only keep out the cold weather this winter, but also opportunistic burglars! 

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The following was obtained from Broadsword Security Services.

Locks Doors and Windows – It is amazing how many homeowners are careless with this basic security measure. Always lock doors and all windows!

Time-switch Lights – If you travel or get home late, why not purchase a few timer switches to turn lights on when dark sets? This will prevent prospective burglars from studying the interior of the home.

Add a Security Alarm System – Today’s security alarms address all the features that burglars hate; light, noise and video devices. Adding flood lights activated by motion around the home’s perimeter increases the effect. Alarms draw attention to the burglary in progress and recording cameras create an identification risk for the perpetrator.

Light Entryways – Make sure all doors, are well lit. Use flood lights to discourage burglars.

Keep Yard Organised – Keep shrubs trimmed so burglars cannot hide in the shadows and make sure all furniture and equipment is put away and secured for the winter. If you have a combination lock to your doors or garage, change the entry password regularly.

P.S. Xpanda Security Barriers keep burglars out of your home no matter what the weather. 
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