Locations you need to consider when installing security cameras

What are the most important locations to consider when installing security cameras? 

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“One of the most important things to consider is the location of security cameras. Take into account any hidden or obscure entrances and windows that need to be monitored. Once you have determined the vulnerable spots on the perimeter, you will also need to consider suitable locations inside the house.

Ideally cameras should be installed in such a way that would-be thieves are able to see them, yet not be able to tamper with them.

  • Above the Front door

It is estimated that a little more than a quarter of burglars enter your home via the front door. It would also be wise to further secure your front door with a security gate or lock. This added level of security may protect you from a burglar attacking you. You can also install a peephole into your door to see who it is before opening. Intercom systems are equally effective ensuring that a limited number of people you trust have access to your home.

  • Back door

The back door is just as vulnerable as the front door. Be sure to install a security camera that is weather proof. You may also consider an outdoor light that has a motion sensor as an extra deterrent.

  • Backyard / side gate

Your backyard is particularly vulnerable if your property is not fenced in. Storing any lawn or garden machinery in a lockable shed or the garage would remove temptation from thieves. Additionally, you can opt to install a motion-sensor flood light to protect your belongings. For larger properties, a series of security cameras can be set up to ensure maximum coverage of the area.

  • Panic buttons

You can opt to install a number of strategically placed panic buttons throughout the house. Good places would be the bedrooms and kitchen. If you do find yourself in the unfortunate situation that you are in the process of being robbed, you can trigger a silent alarm that will alert the police who will be able dispatch a unit immediately.”

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