Train your best furry friend to be alert and on guard with these simple yet effective tips

Train your best furry friend to be alert and on guard with these simple yet effective tips provided by Security Alerts.

This article was shared by Xpanda Security from Security Alerts.

“It is a most unfortunate reality that South Africa has an alarmingly high crime rate. This has resulted in more and more South Africans training dogs as an added measure of protection against would-be home intruders and robbers.

Many suburbs have even resorted to high-tech access control systems to monitor who enters or leaves a property. Safety and security is top of mind and citizens will do anything to ensure the safety of their home and family.

Choosing The Right Breed

A guard dog does not always need to be big and intimidating. There is a number medium sized dogs that can easily be trained to bark and alert you to possible intruders.

Traditionally, larger and more intimidating guard dogs include German Shepards, Rottweilers and Dobermans’. These dogs are used by the police, army and armed response units by trained security officers and are known to be excellent guard dogs

Guard Dog Qualities

A good guard dog is always confident and assertive; you can tell this by how he reacts when strangers visit your home. If your dog is curious, sniffs at people or barks at them, they could be good guard dog material. A dog that is timid may not have enough assertiveness to warn off intruders.

Socialise Your Puppy From Day One

A puppy that is well socialised is easy to train, is well-disciplined and will be able to guard your home efficiently. The dog will also become more relaxed around your home, family members and other family pets, allowing it to instantly recognise a stranger or possible dangerous scenario.

Encourage Behaviours

Certain behaviour, such as teaching your dog to bark when strangers enter your home, you can teach yourself.  Do not scold your dog for barking at strangers, but instead, reward him with attention or treats.

Teach your dog commands such as ‘shush’ or ‘quiet’ through positive reinforcement. Train the dog to bark and alert you when strangers enter the premises.”

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