Here is your holiday checklist to ensure that you are geared up for the Easter holidays

Here is your holiday checklist to ensure that you are geared up for the Easter holidays.

Holiday Security Checklist:

Test your alarm: There are various elements that need to be checked such as: age, use and wear and tear can all result in an alarm not functioning as it should. Perform a thorough test on your alarm system and be sure that it is in working order before you leave the house. It is recommended that you have your alarm serviced at least once a year. 

Inform your neighbours: when you are going away on holiday, it is important that you let your neighbours know. Also, speak to a neighbour or friend that you trust and ask them if they wouldn’t mind collecting your post for you. This makes it look like someone is home – nothing makes it more obvious that you are away than a letterbox that is full.

Inform your security company: If you make use of the services provided by a private security company, ensure that you have informed them of your plans to go away. They will ask you for information such as relevant dates of your holiday, points of entry into your home that security can use in your absence, emergency numbers to contact you on and finally the names of anyone whom you have entrusted with a spare key to your home in the case of an emergency.

Answering machine message: changing your answering machine message while you are away puts you at risk of potential burglary should an opportunist hear this message. Don’t change your message. Rather inform those who need to know that you are away and when you will be returning. 

Secure your sliding doors: Burglars have mastered the art of gaining access to homes with sliding doors. Secure your sliding doors with wooden strips cut to size that can be placed within the sliding rail to prevent the door from being lifted out of its rail. 

Lock garden tools away: If you have garden utilities laying around, ensure that all items are securely locked away and not lying around as these can be used a means of entering your home.

Perimeter lighting: Spot lights and perimeter lighting is always good to have to keep dark corners of the home well light, and to give the impression that someone is home. If you haven’t got any perimeter lighting, investing in lighting with timers and spot lights are a great deterrent for any opportunistic criminal. 

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