Security and How Poverty Affects People in South Africa

In 2016 alone there was a total of  543524 property related crimes according to These include theft of motor vehicle, burglary at non-residential and residential premises. Every South African should be alarmed by these statistics as we are not even safe in our houses anymore.

As a country, we have one of the largest private security industries in the world. We pay exorbitant fees to private security companies for protection but every day the space we can operate in is getting smaller and smaller.

There are few solutions to help aid the average South African in their security struggles. The first being detection systems (alarms etc.) and cctv, if someone knows they are being watched or facing an intricate security system it is an automatic deterrence.

The second is perimeter protection. Your perimeter solutions need to be anti-climb, anti-cut as well as applicable to your security system.

What can we do?

According to Rona Epstein of the CL&J Weekly; poverty is linked directly to crime, an increase in poverty means an increase in inequality. We can see how prevalent this is in our country with our own eyes. On one side of the highway there are mansions and on the other there are shacks. There is no doubt there is inequality between us, people sometimes, unfortunately, don’t have much of choice and turn to crime.

It all starts at the grassroots level, education levels in South Africa are atrocious. Did you know that as a % of our GDP we spend more than USA on education? The biggest problem is the difference in educational standards across different provinces. A person living in Aberdeen will not get the same standard of education as someone living in Johannesburg, we need to start rectifying these inequalities in our society to bring about a better and safer South Africa.

For some young people from the most poverty-stricken environments, violence is a cornerstone of their day to day lives. Violence is a means of attaining status and power among their communities, the willingness of one to use violence becomes a source of power for the individual. This is also part of the reason why robberies and menial thefts often turn into much worse things.

Overall, South African’s need to address the issues of poverty and inequality which has been plaguing our country for many years. The average person will currently just have to make do with private security companies and various other solutions to keep ourselves safe. In the meantime let us try to make our communities better.

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Source: News 24

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