Security Systems: Why Upgrade Now Rather Than Later

Security systems evolve according to new threats.

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Businesses are always trying to stay ahead of potential threats that can put staff and customers at risk during the carrying out of daily business. Here are four trending security advancements businesses are using to stay ahead of the game. 

Access control used to be nothing more than a locked door. Then, alarms were added to warn of illegal entry into unauthorised areas, but there was little accounting for traffic that was authorised. Sensitive areas that require a complete record of daily access are served well with biometric devices that can positively identify who is entering and leaving a secured area and at what times.

Visitor Access

The traditional approach of adding security staff to monitor and control visitors is costly, yet still widely in use. Controlled visitor access is an absolute necessity in environments that have public, semi-private and controlled areas, such as hospitals.

Loss Prevention

Shoplifters are getting bolder and savvier and stores need to keep up to reduce shrinkage. Larger retailers have incorporated facial recognition to know when prior shoplifters enter their stores. Security tags have evolved from the stick-on ones to ones that have been embedded at the point of manufacture such as security tags inside shoes.

IP Surveillance Cameras

Affordable video surveillance was an exponential leap in business security. Internet Protocol camera and DVR systems now allow for remote viewing from a computer, tablet or a smartphone. Modern surveillance camera optics are advanced enough to allow the hands of cashiers to be observed.

It is not necessary for every business to adopt every new security option, but it is necessary for them to have at least have one according to their industry standards. The costs of implementation can save businesses from even bigger lawsuits.


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