Moving to a new space or expanding your current space can be very exciting. However, it can also be very stressful. There are so many things to keep track of; equipment, business archives, sensitive documents, the list goes on and on.

Commercial business move safety tips South Africa

At Xpanda Security, we understand how stressful this time can be, so we put together our top security tips for securing your business during your move or expansion.

Before the move: 

  1. Create an interdepartmental moving committee.Bring people from all sides of the office together to ensure no moving details are missed. Educate employees on moving plans and security best practices during the process.


  1. Notify important business partners or vendors.Your bank, internet provider and financial partners should all be aware of your new address months in advance. Otherwise, sensitive mail could be intercepted or lapses in network security could occur.


  1. Do an inventory, and dispose of waste safely. This is the perfect time to clear your office of excess materials. Dispose of sensitive documents with caution.


During the move:

  1. Put all eyes on the moving process.Employees should be trained to be on the lookout for suspicious activity amongst the movers.


  1. Get an IT professional for migrating your security system.This helpsensures sensitive information isn’t accessible to the new tenants in your old building.


  1. Have a secure “drop-off point” at the new location.Have movers bring all inventory through a common entrance at your new location, ideally monitored with cameras and security personnel.


After the move:

  1. Do a comprehensive security audit.With the help of your security provider, conduct a security audit that reassesses physical and network security needs.


  1. Remind employees of security protocols.After the excitement of the move, retrain employees on your company’s standards for security, touching on any aspects that may be different thanks to a new location.


  1. Inform the public.While you may find it beneficial to tell some customers prior to the move, it’s best to wait until immediately after relocating to tell the general public about your new location.


Moving is stressful for everyone in a business, but by thinking ahead and keeping safety a top priority, you’ll relocate successfully and securely.

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