Security Tips to Get You Through The Windy Season

Security tips to get your home ready during the windy season is often times overlooked. There are a variety of things that can go wrong and, heavy winds can also cause false alarms! Here are useful security tips to ensure that you have secured your home this windy season and know what to look out for. 

1. Heavy winds usually bring in stormy weather which may send your pets into hysteria. Most people want to leave a window or door open for them to enter the home when this happens. If you leave a window or door open for them, ensure that their movements won’t trigger your alarm. Take caution that you have security measures in place as leaving any entrance to the home open makes it easy for potential robbers to gain entry.  Considering adding an extra layer of security to your home. 

2. When strong winds arrive and your outdoor furniture is suddenly lifted and blown in any given direction, take caution that you have tied down your outdoor furniture to prevent a possible broken window and / or door. 

3. Assess your roof tiles regularly making sure that they’re secure when the wind picks up. Robbers often gain access to homes through the roof. 

4. Keep all shrubs trimmed and trees checked. It is well known that these can interfere with CCTV as well as your beams. If an old tree falls down on your home, this can create a weak spot in your home security. 

5. Before you leave your home or head off to bed, check that your windows are closed properly to avoid false alarms.  Wind coming through and blowing curtains around can trigger your alarm.

We hear many foreign sounds when the wind is up. Don’t just disregard these as the wind. Robbers may use this time to their advantage. If ever you feel uncomfortable, think to yourself, safety first! Contact your local security company to come and have a look before you head outside to inspect any damage after a strange and / or unfamiliar sound. 


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