Security apps and more for students in South Africa

Security apps and more for students.

When our children leave home to attend school or university, the one thing that tends to worry parents most is security.  Scholars and students are soft targets for theft, as they carry more consumer goods, such as smartphones, laptops and other expensive gadgets.

“Research has shown that three-quarters of campuses provide a security-patrolled safe route through the residence system, and 70% offer front door card access control. This suggests that 30% are not able to offer adequate security for residents, and it may be worth it for students or parents to look into improving security options.” via

Improvements are always being made to security in schools and on campus, but with that said, it’s always advisable to heed extra precaution.

  • A padlock ensures that items are securely locked away. There are various padlocks available on the market that will ensure any attempt to rummage through bags containing valuable items, is hard to do. 
  • Bicycles are a hot item for theft as burglars can use these when they need to make a getaway. Use a strong padlock to secure bicycles and take note that, tightening the chain small enough is important so that a crowbar cannot be fitted and used to break the chain. 
  • Children who walk to school/campus will often-times be heading out at odd hours of the day. They should carry with them a personal panic button. One that they can attach to a lanyard or keyring to have around or on their body. 
  • If you haven’t explored apps that you can download to alert you where your electronic device is, now is the time to go online and find out what best suits you. There are all kinds of safety apps available that can be used to assist in times of need. These apps are designed to alert family or friends when you’re in trouble.

The above applies to students who are living on or around campus and have the constant threat of being burgled. These handy tips will help to give you and your children peace-of-mind. 

Xpanda Security puts your security first. 

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