Sliding Security Doors – Part 1

Xpanda has been manufacturing custom sliding security doors since 1974. Sometimes referred to as a ‘trellis door”, these security barriers are manufactured to the highest standard, and like all Xpanda products, are recommended by the police and the insurance industry as key to keeping criminals behind bars.



Alu-Glide is our fully framed sliding security door or “trellis door” with a single slamlock. Built with a 100% aluminium construction, it is ideal for coastal regions as it is rust resistant. This door is mass-produced and designed to be altered on-site. All doors are manufactured with the lock on the right hand side with the lattice facing inward. 



Alu-max is South Africa’s premier sliding security door, or ‘trellis door’. This product has a solid aluminium infill with 4 uprights for maximum strength. Manufactured locally to SABS standards, this product is available both locally and internationally. The Alu-max works as a great security barrier.

The product is constructed using aircraft grade aluminium; The double uprights are secured across 4 uprights for added strength. The high tensile rivets are secured internally and are not exposed on the outer or inner sides of the door. Top hangers are brass roller bearings with a nylon covering to ensure easy sliding operation. The 4-point mushroom head deadlock ensures this door can withstand a pulling force of 4.2 tonnes.



Multiguard is one of Xpanda’s best selling sliding security doors or ‘trellis doors’. Available in UV resistant colours, makes this sliding security barrier perfect for external applications in both residential and commercial installations. 70% solid steel construction with a combination of 20 mm square tube uprights and 20 x 5 flat bar riveted together with high tensile rivets. 



Saftidor is Xpanda’s entry level security option. Tried and tested in the field for over 30 years, it is ideal for front, back and passage doors, where one needs to swing stacked product out of the way so as not to lose space. The Saftidor features a unique interlocking lattice work to suit most types of steel and wood openings.
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