Social Media and Burglary

Being a victim of burglary is a highly intrusive crime and one that can cause you to feel vulnerable in your own home. Domestic burglary is one of the most frequent crimes.

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It’s difficult to predict where burglars will strike, so most of us prepare by securing our homes. Despite installing such security measures, the majority are neglecting important precautions online, and more specifically on social media. Many will advertise personal information over social media, which leads burglars straight to their front door. 

Social media allows us to effortlessly share our lives with our extended list of online friends. The latest holiday snaps and selfies fill news feeds during the holiday months, with key information provided with location tags at holiday resorts, restaurants, and famous tourist spots.

Burglars can use all this personal information in order to take advantage and identify their target homes. The crucial point being whether a profile is set to private or openly available.


Below are 5 ways you can prevent placing your online information and updates with those who you do not want to gain access to this information.  

  1. Settings: The constant updates of security features that are being made available on social media means that you should check regularly to see whether there’s something that you’re missing. It is best to ensure that your profile is not viewable to anyone who isn’t a friend or family.
  2. Photos: Uploading your holiday photographs as they happen abroad can act as confirmation to somebody looking for an empty household. Save uploading your snaps until you get home.
  3. Apps: Applications on Facebook will generally ask for use of your personal information as well as friends list. While not placing you in direct danger of burglary, security flaws have in the past shown weaknesses in the systems that can expose people to identity theft.
  4. Tagging: Tagging yourself in overseas trip post might be a good way to show your friends what you’re doing, but it also tells people that you’re not going to be in your home for an extended period of time. Use the security settings to full effect to get everything out of them.
  5. You should never offer your address up over your social media accounts. Even just your local town as it is then possible to search for the full address online with simply your name. Your address is the most sensitive piece of information online – protect it!
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