Is Your South African Business Safe in the New Year?

Is Your Business Safe in the New Year?

Business Security in South Africa

You’re back from your break and ready to get stuck into work and tackle the year’s challenges again. Before you start getting inundated with work, take a minute to make sure your workplace is still as safe as you left it and make any necessary changes before it’s too late.


  • Access points

Most businesses have a lot of foot traffic, making it difficult to control who comes in and out. As you relook your company’s security level you might want to consider adding a security gate, which will put security measures in place should an uninvited guest also want to gain entry.

  • Safes and valuables

In a place of business, it is common to keep cash and valuables on site. If this is true for yours as well, make sure the areas you keep things in is protected. It might be a good idea to change your safe’s password as you don’t know whether the code has landed in the wrong hands. Make sure the locks to certain areas where valuables are kept are not rusty and are strong enough to withstand objects intended to break them.

  • Cameras

In a place of business, it’s impossible to have your eyes everywhere at all times. What does help in these instances is placing security cameras in and around your building? By regularly viewing the footage you can start to see patterns, irregularities and keep up-to-date with what’s happening at your place of work. This can also help you be aware of what’s happening outside in the parking lot and go a long way in keeping you and your customers safe.


Of course, there are many ways to ensure your business remains safe as we go into the new year. The above ways will help give you peace of mind, knowing all your bases are covered and there are fewer chances of opportunists coming in.
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