Summer Home Security Guide

home summer security

Things are starting to warm up again as summer is approaching. This means that, lounging around the pool area or reading a book on the couch while you enjoy the cool summer breeze, puts you at risk. We’ve got some tips to get you geared in time to embrace our beautiful weather.

Door Security:

Make sure that you have your Xpanda Security gate installed, and keep this shut at all times. You will still be able to enjoy the cool breeze and fresh air coming in. However, when you’re taking a nap – it’s best to have the gate shut and doors locked for your own safety.

Windows Security:

We offer attractive designs to keep your windows covered and you safe from potential burglary. It’s far more convenient to ensure your windows are secured than the effort it will take to replace them should you fall victim to crime.

Garage Security:

There are times when you will leave yourself vulnerable by leaving your garage unlocked in instances where you are trimming the grass or using tools from the garage to do a job outside. You could be washing your car when you hear the phone ring and you dart off inside to answer the call. An intruder can easily take this opportunity to pinch some tools while you’re otherwise distracted. Remember to keep your garage locked at all times when you’re going to be around, or when you’re finished up working around the home.

Fence Gate Security:

The entrance gate to your home is the first challenge faced by an intruder to gain access to the rest of your home. Ensure that your gate is well secured and closed at all times. Installing some sensors, which will activate an alarm should anyone enter your property, will serve as a great deterrent and good security for you!

As summer settles in, be sure to protect yourself and your family by making use of these tips.

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