Driveway Safety From Another Perspective in South Africa

Driveway Safety Tips You Need To Know

Driveway Safety in South Africa

Home is where we go to find peace, but sometimes we are met with unforeseen circumstances before we can walk in the front door.

Thieves monitor people’s movements to meticulously plan when the best time to strike is. Unfortunately, sometimes that is when you pull up onto your driveway.

We’ve compiled a few practical steps which can help you remain vigilant and safe:


  1. Make sure the gate is closed

Check to see the gate is fully closed when leaving or entering your property. If you see any suspicious individuals around the property, report them immediately.


  1. Keep the area clear

Make sure your driveway is cleared of any bushes and shrubbery. Opt for thorny rose bushes or clean well-kept landscaping, which may deter anyone from making this a hiding spot. Remember to also remove anything that could make it easy for criminals to climb over or break in.


  1. Turn the lights on

Keep your driveway well-lit. This will allow you to spot anything that might be unfamiliar or intrusive. Consider installing motion sensor lights which will alert you if there is any movement in your driveway – catching the criminal as a ‘deer in the headlights’.

  1. Automate your gate

Lastly, and probably most importantly, invest in an automatic gate system. A fast and high-quality automatic gate, like the Xpanda sliding driveway gates, will dramatically increase your safety and deter criminals.


Speak to us if you have any questions about your electric gate or want to upgrade the quality.


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