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LOAD SHEDDING AFFECTING YOUR BUSINESS OR HOUSEHOLD?  Unfortunately, load shedding is, for the foreseeable future, a reality South Africans have to deal with.Monitoring and security systems, like access control and alarms, are dependent on electricity. What happens when the electricity goes off?Here’s your safety plan that doesn’t depend on power to keep you safe.Create safe […]

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Driveway Safety From Another Perspective in South Africa

Driveway Safety Tips You Need To KnowHome is where we go to find peace, but sometimes we are met with unforeseen circumstances before we can walk in the front door. Thieves monitor people’s movements to meticulously plan when the best time to strike is. Unfortunately, sometimes that is when you pull up onto your driveway.We’ve […]

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Clear Vision Guards for Added Security in South Africa

Clear Vision Guards, otherwise known as, Transparent burglar bars, protect your home from invasion, without obstructing your view or creating a ‘prison cell’ look. The bars are made from polycarbonate, making them as powerful and durable as traditional bars. Through the advancements of technologies, the bars have been made completely clear for modern day home […]

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Fibre Could Be The Reason Your Alarm System Is Not Working

Fibre Could Be The Reason Your Alarm System Is Not Working Test your alarm system to ensure it is working afterinstallation of fibre in-and-around your home. In a recent article by Business Tech, there’s reason to believe that fibre may be interfering with your alarm system. We recommend that you test your alarm system to ensure […]

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