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HOME SECURITY IMPROVEMENTS IN FIVE EASY STEPSHomeowners across the country share at least one thing in common; they are concerned about home security. And why wouldn’t they be? Not only is it where their family lives, but it’s also the single biggest investment that most families have.Here are five easy ways to improve your home […]

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Driveway Safety From Another Perspective in South Africa

Driveway Safety Tips You Need To KnowHome is where we go to find peace, but sometimes we are met with unforeseen circumstances before we can walk in the front door. Thieves monitor people’s movements to meticulously plan when the best time to strike is. Unfortunately, sometimes that is when you pull up onto your driveway.We’ve […]

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Crime Statistics in South Africa Reveal Areas Most Affected By Crime

Crime statistics in South Africa have improved in certain areas and worsened in others.Take a look at the below article by All4Women.co.za which provides a clear breakdown of crime categories and areas most affected by crime.“South Africans were given the grim news on Tuesday that the murder rate had increased in the last financial year, […]

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Load shedding in South Africa is Becoming The Norm

Load shedding affects South African’s in various ways. We have listed some of the common issues we experience during this moments of complete darkness. Most South Africans have experienced the inconvenience of power cuts recently caused by Eskom’s load shedding system. However, what many citizens don’t take into account are the security risks this imposes […]

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