The Advantages Of Burglar Bars

Burglar Bars prevent intruders from entering your home, making your home a fortress against these intruders. This is a simple but very effective security product for home and business owners alike. If you have safety concerns, burglar and window bars are great deterrents to burglars, and they also offer several benefits over other security systems. 


Advantages of Burglar Bars:

One of the main advantages, and the reason that most people purchase window bars, is that they are an effective theft deterrent. With the ground floor being the preferred choice for thieves to enter a home, burglar bars on first floor windows could have the thief thinking twice about breaking in.
Since you make only a one-time investment when you purchase burglar bars you won’t have to worry about monthly subscription fees, from monitoring systems.
Another advantage is alarm systems that rely on other sources, cannot work if power and phone lines are down, with burglar bars; however, your home is still protected. 
Burglar bars also prevent children from climbing or falling out of windows, which is just another added bonus. 
This is why it is important to install burglar bars you can count on. Xpanda has been manufacturing burglar bars since 1974 and are recommended by the police and the insurance industry as key to keeping criminals behind bars. 
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