The Upkeep Of Your Xpanda Product

The upkeep of your Xpanda product is very important in ensuring the longevity of the product.

If your product is maintained and cleaned as per below suggestions the life span will be increased substantially. In terms on maintaining the product it is suggested that the installed product should be washed down using a car washing liquid or similar diluted in water, using a cloth wipe the product down and then rinse with clean water, dry using a cloth. It is also suggested that once you have washed the installed product that you apply a lubricant spray such as silicone spray or similar. The closer that you are to the coast, so too, does it become more important to maintain the installed product on a more regular basis. 

Fenestra-Roller-Shutter-Doors_Xpanda-Real-SecuritySupaguard_Xpanda-Real-SecurityT-Max | Xpanda | Real Security

The Xpanda Group of Companies offers the widest and comprehensive range of approved anti-burglar protection and deterrent security products. The product range is vast and covers stock item as well as custom security products. We supplier all major retailers standard stock for those who want to DIY at home.

These include : 

All these products enjoy success in a variety of applications in the commercial, industrial and domestic markets, and are used in some of the following operations : 

  • Clothing Stores 
  • Hospitals 
  • Shopping Malls 
  • Retirement Homes 
  • Furniture Retailers 
  • Government Buildings 
  • Domestic Property Developments 
  • Schools and Universities 
  • Motor Accessory Outlets 
  • Major Building Contractors 

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