Tips to keep you and your family safe this festive season

Here is a list of helpful tips to keep you and your family safe this festive season


50% of Hijackings are recorded to occur in residential areas, in driveways and parking lots. Be vigilant at all times when returning home from an evening out with family or friends. 

Vehicle theft

Most vehicle theft incidents occur in public places such as shopping centres, schools and social events over weekends. Always check that all your doors are locked, and double check if need be to ensure your car has not been remote jammed. 

“1. When driving up to your house, never park in your driveway facing the gate. Hijackers may park behind you and block you in. According to Tracker, this is unquestionably the leading modus operandi for hijackers in South Africa. Always stop in the road until the gate is open before you turn into your driveway.

2. Always travel with windows and doors locked and with valuables out of sight.  If windows have to be open, ensure the opening isn’t big enough to fit a hand through.

3. Always leave enough room between your car and the one in front of you to avoid being ‘boxed in’, should you need to escape.

4. Be aware of anyone who approaches your car at traffic lights, stop streets or your driveway. Don’t be distracted.

5. Be aware of suspicious looking people, including women, at robots and intersections. Tracker has arrested several women for hijacking in recent years, either working alone or in gangs with men.

6. Do not drive directly home after you visited a bank or ATM. Be alert as to who is around you when leaving the bank or ATM and along the journey to your destination.

7. Always park your vehicle at a secure location and ask the security guard his name. Park under CCTV cameras where possible. Make sure that your vehicle is properly locked by testing the door handle.

9. Try to avoid stopping on the highway; rather take the next off ramp to stop in a more public area where you can stretch, refresh yourself and/or take a break from driving; and have numbers for roadside assistance and other emergencies close at hand or saved on your cell phone, so that you are well-prepared for any eventuality.

10. Take a picture with a camera or mobile phone and file an accident report with the police as you will need a case number for your insurance company to file a claim. Remember to get names, addresses, telephone numbers and ID numbers of everyone involved in the accident” –

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