Tips To Keep Your Home Safe During The Holidays

When organising a holiday there are many things you need to consider beyond packing and flight scheduling. It’s highly important to make sure that you’ve covered your bases at home to ensure that your property is safe while you’re away. Xpanda has provided the following tips to consider before you leave for your holiday:

Talk to a neighbour about taking out the trash or checking up on your home

Timing Is everything and lighting can be programmed 

Make sure your home is locked and secure before you leave

Don’t announce your absence on social media platforms

Get someone you trust to stay at your home or check up on your home while you are away

If you have an alarm installed, make sure it is activated

 Xpanda works to keep criminals behind bars. Visit  our website to ensure your home is secure whilst you are on holiday. Once you’ve packed your bags and protected your property, you’ll be ready to head off on holiday with confidence. By taking these important steps, you’ll be able to enjoy your holiday and relax knowing that your home is as secure as possible.

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