Transparent burglar bars to protect you!

Transparent burglar bars protect your home from invasion, without obstructing your view or creating a ‘prison cell’ look.

The bars are made from polycarbonate, making them as powerful and durable as traditional bars. Through the advancements of technologies, the bars have been made completely clear for modern day home burglar proofing.

Xpanda has put forward some suggestions as to why transparent burglar bars are preferred over traditional bars. South Africa is home to some of the most elegant views and transparent bars allow one to enjoy these views whilst at the same time feeling secure.
  • Transparent bars are suitable for both open and fixed pane windows.Unlike iron burglar bars, transparent bars will not rust along coastal regions.
  • Transparent bars are strong and flexible, able to handle a high level of impact.
  • Transparent bars can be custom fitted.
  • These bars do not require maintenance such as coating or repainting. 
  • Transparent bars are fitted with the modern design of homes. 
  • Transparent bars are competitively priced.

Xpanda has provided the following link to a VIDEO, demonstrating the clarity and strength of transparent burglar bars.

Please feel free to visit the Xpanda product page if you wish to learn more about security products and distributors across South Africa.
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