Transportation – Stay Safe Wherever You Go

robber and the thief in a mask hijacks the car

It has become increasingly difficult for criminals to steal motor vehicles. This is a result of all the anti-theft devices, such as immobilisers, gear-locks, etc.  However this has led to a dramatic increase in vehicle hijackings.  The hijacker has the element of surprise catching the victim off guard.

In South Africa, these stolen vehicles are then resold to an already predetermined buyer. The hijacked vehicles that are not sold to buyers in South Africa, will be smuggled out of the country.  These vehicles will then be sold in our neighbouring countries or trade, exchanged for drugs.

How can you stay safe when using your own or public transportation:

You should always make sure that you choose well-populated areas when traveling, whether taking public transportation, walking or driving.

When using public transportation, be alert. Avoid the use of headphones, game consoles and cellphones as these items can divert your attention. When traveling on a train during non-peak hours, opt to sit in the conductor’s car.

In any public transpiration vehicle, avoid sitting near the doors. This provides someone the opportunity to step on, snatch your belongings and quickly step off. With this in mind, keep any loose belongings (purses, book bags, wallets) close to your person.

If traveling alone via car, keep the following in mind:

  • When approaching your car, already have your keys in hand. Avoid a lapse of time between arriving at your car and entering it.
  • Look around to make sure no one is crouched down near your car.
  • Lock your doors the minute you sit down in the driver’s seat.
  • Never drive through an unfamiliar area.
  • Ensure your GPS and/or smart phone are well charged.
  • Print out directions to have as a back up.
  • Park in a well-lit area close to the doors of your destination, and lock your car doors.
  • When parking, remove valuables or cover them so they are not in plain sight.

Continuously be alert of your surroundings as you enter your vehicle, drive and exit. Take note of the cars surrounding you on your trip. If you suspect you are being followed, take a few turns down populated streets. If the vehicle is still following you, head to the nearest police station or fire department—do not go home.

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