Holiday: Travel Tips For When You’re Headed Back Home

School is out and no doubt, the roads are going to be busy. It’s important to ensure that you have your vehicle checked before you travel, and make sure that you are mentally prepared for the journey. 
Here are essential travel tips to prepare you for your journey: 

1. Preparation: plan your route and make provision to stop every two hours or so to rest, stretch, refuel and refresh on your journey.
2. Plan Your Trip: consider which days will be busy and plan your trip to avoid travelling on days you will know will land you in peak season traffic.
3. Departure: when heading to your holiday destination, try to leave a day earlier than planned, or a day later, and do the same when you head back home.
4. Safety
Ensure that you and everyone else travelling with you is buckled up, and for children who need to be in car seats, make sure that they’re strapped in properly and they’re secure for the duration of the trip.

5. Road Rules
Follow signs on the road and obey the rules of the road. This includes speed limit and weather conditions. Take note of what is happening around you and drive safely.

6. Be mindful: be mindful of other road users, especially during the holiday season. 
7. Stopover: if you’re planning on staying the night in accommodation en-route to your destination, ensure that you have made all necessary arrangements prior to your arrival. 
8. Vehicle Safety: have your vehicle inspected before you leave to ensure your vehicle is in good condition and roadworthy. 
9. Check Your Tyres: check your tyres and have the rotation and balancing checked before you leave.
10. Electronic Devices: if you are driving, make sure that you put all electronic devices away. 

There is no rush to get to your destination or back home. Take the scenic route and arrive safely with happy memories of family and friends in tow. 

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