Warehouse security is one of the most important parts of many businesses. Companies depend on their warehouses to store valuable inventory and security problems can result in financial losses.

Warehouse security South Africa

Below we have compiled some quick tips about the important features within a warehouse security system.

Perimeter protection

Perimeter protection is an extremely important aspect of warehouse security, especially if your warehouse has a large surrounding area. The bigger your yard, the more vulnerable your warehouse is. Xpanda has several perimeter products, that won’t compromise safety.


Incorporate access control into your security plan

Access control is ideal for restricting access to your warehouse or secured areas within the warehouse. With a professional access control plan in place, only people with permission can enter your warehouse.


Utilise gate automation

For high volume traffic premises like distribution warehouses, a gate automation system can come in handy to slow down traffic in and out of your warehouse. Warehouse traffic can be hard to manage, but with a proper automation system installed, you can be in control. Xpanda’s gate automation products meet the very highest standard of quality, reliability, and strength and are widely used on both commercial and industrial sites.


Communicate effectively and often

Clearly communicating your organisational goals and the necessary processes to achieve them is the key to effective warehousing operations. So, when managers fail to create an environment of effective communication, employee productivity suffers and this results in high-turnover and wasted resources.


Regularly test your system

It’s important to regularly test your security system in order to ensure that everything is working properly. We recommend weekly testing of your security system.


If these tips have been eye-opening, consider equipping your warehouse with a state-of-the-art security system from Xpanda Security. If you want more help with your warehouse security, contact us on

031 791 0061 or 011 609 2148 and let us use our experience and security tools to make your business more secure.
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