XPANDA TV AD – The 8 o’clock movie

This past weekend, our first TV advert of the new series was aired. The advert features a couple in bed watching the 8 o’clock movie on their TV. The husband passes his wife a tissue as she pours out in tears from the heart-rending movie. What the couple does not know is that they are not the only ones watching the movie. Outside their home, a tearful burglar is also touched by the sad events of the movie. The couple is made aware of his presence by his whimpering squalls. The burglar pleads out a squeak for a tissue to wipe his tears.

After being denied a tissue, the Burglar then walks away, not only failing to break into the home but also left devastated by the 8 o’clock movie.

Thanks to Xpanda home security the burglar could not break in, keeping him behind bars.

We are delighted from the great response of this advert from the public. The advert was featured on Ads of the World, an archive and community showing creative ads from around the world with a viewership of over 500 000 people. Here are some of the responses on Twitter so far:

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