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Xpanda is a manufacture of Class  F & C Fire Shutters Doors whose design intentions is to close permanent openings in walls or partitions to provide fire resistance for a period of 30-120 minutes in order to stop the spread of fire and to limit the spread of smoke.  This type of door was tested at SABS & has satisfied the requirements of SABS 1253 for Class  F & C Fire door assemblies.  Xpanda is still to date manufacturing Fire Shutters according to the South African National standards specification, known as SANS 1253. The door can also be electrical automated:

  • CUSTOM MADE to best fit opening

  • Econo 500/750 indirect drive motor including battery back-up

  • Wall mount controller

  • Xpanda fire detection system including separate battery back-up

  • Electronic smoke and heat detector, with the option of installing a secondary detector further into the building.

  • Safety alarm that includes a “DOOR CLOSING” warning light with 30 second time delay to allow for evacuation.

  • Our system can be integrated into the building fire alarm system.

Real Security

Type 1 & 2 Fire Shutter Comparison

Material Specifications:Type 1 Class F: 30-minute rated fire resistant shutterType 2 Class C: 120-minute rated fire resistant shutter
Curtain75 x 1 mm steel galvanized slats75 x 1.2 mm steel galvanized slats
GuidesGalvanized steel 76 x 38 x 2.5 mmGalvanized steel 76 x 3 x 2.5 mm
Barrel4” (114 mm OD x 4 mm wall thickness)4” (114 mm OD x 4 mm wall thickness)
Canopy1.0 mm galvanized steel1.0 mm galvanized steel
Motor box1.0 mm galvanized steel1.0 mm galvanized steel
T-Bar50 x 50 x 5 mm steel angle50 x 50 x 5 mm steel angle
Maximum tested
furnace temperature


SABS Specifications

Xpanda Fire shutters are SABS tested in accordance with SANS 1253:2016. SABS test reports supplied on request.

  • The test was conducted in accordance with SABS 0177-II and the relevant sub clauses of SABS 1253 and assessed for fire door Class assemblies.

  • Impact test: Both the impact applications before and after exposure to the specified fire conditions were withstood satisfactorily.

  • Behavior Under Fire conditions: The stability and integrity of the door was not significantly Influenced by the fire and distortions were within specified tolerances.

  • The fire door assembly satisfied the requirements of SABS 1253 after all the tests.

Quality Policy Statement

We continue to set and review quality objectives that are realistic, achievable and in line with our overall company objectives by ensuring we achieve our intended results. To achieve this, we also ensure that we comply to the statutory and regulatory requirements and that the QMS conforms to the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 standards, which is continuously maintained, driven and supported by Xpanda’s top management.

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