Gated estates give the illusion of being more secure, but it doesn’t mean you are safer. Permit-only access and roving security guards simply make it more difficult for the bad guys to take advantage.
However, security issues exist and they are very real.

Here are some tips to help you be more secure in a gated estate.

Get Reinforcements:
Estate and complex homeowners still need to ensure that both the inside and perimeter area oftheir properties are secured. At Xpanda we have what we call Alu-glide,a fully framed security door that takes your standard door to the next level. It’s 100% aluminium making it rust resistantand is manufacturedwith thelock on the right hand side and thelattice facing inward.

Reinforce your patio sliding doors:
If an intruder wants easier access, all they have to do is break the glass panels or push the door off its tracks. You can reinforce your sliding doors by installing an Xpanda Alu-Max retractable gate. Constructed from double vertical aircraft grade aluminium uprights for strength & flexibility.The high tensile rivets are secured internally and are not exposed on the outer or inner sides of the door. The 4-point mushroom head deadlock ensures this door can withstand a pulling force of 4.2 tonnes.

Don’t rely on technology alone:
Many estates will invest in the technology, but you can’t only rely on that. Install a physical security barrieron doors and windows. The Saftidor option is a great alternative. Tried and tested in the field for over 30 years, it is ideal for front, back and passage doors, where one needsa fully retractable gate that is able to swing away, so as not to lose space.

Be sure to lock doors and windows and ensure vehicles are locked, even if parked in a garage, and do not leave valuables lying around, particularly where they may be visible to passers-by.

Whether you live in a gated or open community, you still have to take measures to keep your home secure. Give us a call on 031 791 0061 or 011 609 2148 today for a free security consultation.