A home invasion can be a traumatic experience, one that can lead to bodily harm or worse. While the very best security systems can limit a robbery from happening, it’s better to be prepared. Knowing what to do in case of a home invasion is important in ensuring that you make it out okay.

Here are some basic safety tips:

Have an exit plan

It’s important to create a plan for what you and your loved ones would do if a stranger were to break into your home. Have a plan to decide which exit to use for each possible point of entry. For example, if the intruder is coming through the back door, choose a different door where you can safely exit your home without the intruder seeing you.

Go to a safe room

If an intruder has already made their way into your home, you may not be able to exit. In this case, retreat to a safe room with a locking door. This is where planning ahead is useful. If possible, stock the safe room with some water and a cheap cellphone to call for help.

Stay calm and be co-operative

If you find yourself face-to-face with the intruders, remain calm. Speak in a soft voice, ask them what they want, and co-operate with them. Explain to them that you will give them what they want. Don’t make any sudden moves or threaten them.

Take notes

If you’re in a position where you can see the intruder, memorise everything. You’ll want to be able to give a detailed account of weight, gender, height and attire. It’ll make it easier to trackdown the intruders and prevent them from victimising other homes.

Call the police or a security company

If it’s safe, call for help. Be direct and to the point, state that your home has been broken into, provide your address and express the urgency of the situation. Don’t forget to make sure your phone is on silent.

Home invasions are terrible, although, being prepared for the worst can help. Memorise these tips and practise them with your family, much like you would a fire drill. That way, you’ll be ready for any future eventualities. You can also check out our security products to amp up your safety.